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At salvation, you begin the greatest journey in your life. From that first step of faith, through baptism by water and Spirit, and then sharing your testimony, you come to know the depths of God’s love and saving power. These resources will strengthen and equip you as you begin this journey.

Faith in Jesus

  1. Unmerited Favor View
  2. You Can Live a Brand New Life View
  3. In Series View
  4. Grace Plain & Simple View
  5. Bible Project: The Gospel View
  6. What’s So Amazing About Grace View
  7. The Naked Gospel View
  8. Believing in Jesus Secures Your Future View
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First Steps

  1. First Steps Audio Devotions View
  2. First Steps Devotional View
  3. The Purpose Driven Life View

Water Baptism

  1. Water Baptism View
  2. Expressing Jesus through Baptism - Feb 21, 2021 View
  3. Water Baptism - Dwell Part 1 View

Holy Spirit Baptism

  1. Baptism by Holy Spirit View
  2. Led By the Spirit Part 1 View
  3. The Person of the Holy Spirit - Dwell Part2 View
  4. Holy Spirit Gifts - Dwell Part 8 View
  5. Responding to Holy Spirit - Dwell Part 4 View
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  2. Kindness in Testifying View
  3. Expressing Jesus through Baptism - Feb 21, 2021 View
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  5. Sharing the Hope we have in Jesus View
  6. Why and How I Should Tell Others View
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