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At Northlands, we want to expand you in your leadership capacity and help you develop mature and godly influence. Each of the milestones in Leadership Life is designed to equip you to make a lasting impact in the lives of those you lead and for generations to come.


  1. Attendants of the Bride Course Group Study View
  2. Beyond Leadership View
  3. The Big Kids Table Series Group Study View
  4. Heartbeat Series: Church Governance View
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Soul Care

  1. The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry View
  2. Living Refreshed Group Study View
  3. Strengthening Yourself in the Lord Group Study View
  4. My Name is Hope: Anxiety, depression, and life after melancholy View
  5. Suffering: Gospel Hope When Life Doesn’t Make Sense View
  6. Walking with God through Pain and Suffering View
  7. LEAD: 12 Gospel Principles for Leadership in the Church View
  8. Practicing the Way - John Mark Comer View
  9. The Artisan Soul View
  10. Resilient View
  11. Get Your Life Back View
  12. At Your Best View
  13. Didn’t See it Coming: Overcoming 7 greatest challenges View
  14. 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth View
  15. Winning the War in Your Mind Group Study View
  16. Leading on Empty View
  17. The Best Question Ever View
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  1. Communicating for Change View
  2. Talk Like TED View
  3. The Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast View
  4. Atomic Habits View
  5. The Emotionally Healthy Leader View
  6. The Power of Moments View
  7. Carey Nieuwhof Podcast View
  8. Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast View
  9. Foundations of Preaching Group Study View
  10. 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership View
  11. Learn from the Lows How to Handle the Highs View
  12. Start With Why View
  13. How to Speak So People Want to Listen View
  14. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People View
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  1. Culture of Empowerment View
  2. The 4 Disciplines of Execution View
  3. Boundaries Group Study View
  4. Do Lead View
  5. Predictable Success View
  6. Leading from Here to There View
  7. Leadership Axioms View
  8. Boundaries for Leaders View
  9. One Mission View
  10. The Art of Possibility View
  11. How Great Leaders Inspire Action View
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  1. Visioneering View
  2. The Purpose Driven Life View
  3. Taking Jesus to Your Communities Group Study View
  4. The Synergist View
  5. Taking People With You View
  6. Predictable Success View
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  1. The Leader’s Greatest Return View
  2. What Makes A Good Life? View
  3. And David Perceived He Was King View
  4. Seven Men and Seven Women View
  5. Minute With Maxwell: Legacy View
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