Northlands School Of Ministry

Our Mission

To encourage, grow and sharpen competent ministers of the Gospel.

We will explore biblical theology with practical applications, fun evaluations, and group activities along with times of impartation and encounters with God’s presence. We want to settle you into the deep truths of the faith so that you are not at the mercy of the voices of this age, the enemy, or the world.

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Senior Leadership & Course Instructors

Greg Haswell

Greg is a passionate equipper of ministers and fellow lovers of God’s Word. He is the primary instructor for this year’s courses. Greg’s theological knowledge and his ability to use illustrations to clarify truth make a real and lasting impact on the hearts and lives of his students.

Michelle Haswell

Michelle has a heart to see others experience all that Jesus has freely given them, and models a mature and discerning response to living life empowered by the Holy Spirit. In the classroom, Michelle creates opportunities for students to practice what they are learning and make it active in their lives.

Robin Johnson

Robin loves to learn and enjoys igniting that passion in others. She fosters transformational learning by developing interactive classroom environments that help students understand and apply theological truths to their personal lives. Robin also partners with leadership to bring vision and excellence to the administration of Northlands School of Ministry.

What to Expect:


Northlands School of Ministry is for anyone looking for an in-depth study of God’s Word combined with a strong emphasis on transformational learning through practical application and experience. All backgrounds, levels of education, and spiritual maturity are welcome. The format of study at this level will require a participative engagement between all who attend. Discussion, debate, and diligent searching of the scriptures will help us uncover beautiful truths for ourselves as we study together. You can read our statement of faith here


Each class consists of teaching, discussions, and applicable interactive activities. Homework is expected but is easily managed, typically focused on scripture reading and study. The course Final consists of a project or presentation individually tailored to showcase each student’s understanding and spiritual growth from the course content.

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Upcoming Course:

Prepared for Significance

God enrolls everyone He calls into a process of preparation. That process is often misunderstood by the people God is committed to preparing. Many question the pressures, struggles, pain, and suffering they endure when they have turned their hearts and lives towards God. This course seeks to bring clarity and acceptance—even eagerness—to people whom God has enrolled in a developmental process. It will supply a sense of eternal purpose for temporary pains. Its motive is to inspire participants who are tempted to give up on their training to stay the course, to dedicate their lives to eternal purposes rather than temporary pursuits, and to dedicate themselves to service for their King with the goal of a more intimate relationship with Him. Filled with descriptions of the tests we will probably take in order to learn the lessons we must master, the course will also be a great encouragement and time of impartation for ministry.  

Prerequisite: Foundational understanding of the Gospel of Grace and the Holy Spirit

Course textbook, Prepared for Significance by Greg Haswell, will be provided. 

Semester begins Wednesday, September 6, 2023 and meets weekly from 7:00pm to 9:15pm at Northlands Church.

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Fall Semester 2023


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Classes Begin                             September 6        

Last Day of Fall Semester        November 8

* or when class is full, whichever occurs first

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