Spiritual Life

Spiritual Life
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God's VoiceGod's Voice
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You were designed for vibrant, continual connection with the Father. As you journey through Spiritual Life, our desire is to help you discover the presence of God in your daily life. Engage with these resources to develop spiritual disciplines that involve hearing God’s voice, enjoying a personal relationship with Jesus, and knowing the power of the Holy Spirit.

God's Word

  1. Spiritual Disciplines Series: God’s Word View
  2. Truth in Tension View
  3. Strengthening Yourself in the Lord Group Study View
  4. How to Eat Your Bible View
  5. The Chosen Group Study View
  6. The Story View
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  1. Spiritual Disciplines Series: Prayer View
  2. The King’s Decree Group Study View
  3. Contending in Prayer View
  4. Secrets of the Psalmist View
  5. They Devoted Themselves to Prayer View
  6. Try This at Home View
  7. Prayers from the Throne of God View
  8. The Secret Place View
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  1. Spiritual Disciplines: Worship View
  2. God Inhabits the Praise of His People View
  3. Health and Wholeness Through the Holy Communion View
  4. In Worship We Remember Who We Are View
  5. Worship in Every Day Life View
  6. Bringing the Worship of Heaven to Earth View
  7. Worship, My Weapon of Choice View
  8. Worship as Warfare View
  9. Choose to Remember and Worship View
  10. The Power of Communion View
  11. Worship: The Reason We Were Created View
  12. Heartbeat Series: Worship View
  13. They Devoted Themselves to Worship View
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God's Voice

  1. Spiritual Disciplines: God’s Voice View
  2. Hearing God’s Voice Group Study View
  3. Translating God Group Study View
  4. The Secret Place: A Call to the Table View
  5. How to Hear God’s Voice View
  6. Living in the Yes View
  7. Whisper: How to Hear the Voice of God View
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Holy Spirit Gifts

  1. When Heaven Invades Earth View
  2. Birthing the Miraculous View
  3. There is More View
  4. Spiritual Gifts Group Study View
  5. Basic Training for Prophetic Ministry View
  6. Modern Prophets View
  7. God Secrets View
  8. Essential Guide to Healing View
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